“The world of music begins with creative effort – the song. What happens next with that song is the business of music.”                                          – Todd Brabec & Jeff Brabec (ascap.com)

[VIRAL] Entertainment is the artist management and brand marketing division for Austin-based, JCHMusic Company.  Its main function consists of cultivating artistic brands to increase performance opportunities, merchandising, publicity and corporate marketing. 

JCHM, LLC  is an independent, full-service digital music label that focuses on artistic career development, music production and distribution.  Its other affiliate, Themes & Anthems Publishing (ascap), oversees music publishing and licensing opportunities for the label’s repertoire. 

Its multiple-service approach to music and entertainment integrates production, publishing, management, artist career development, and brand development through marketing strategies that combine the power of music and strategic business practices to create compelling results for artists and marketers. 

Our ecosystem consists of industry reps, marketers, businesses and corporations working to build target-specific, precision solutions with integrated strategies that can unravel the full force of brands through experiences fueled by music.

Music is often utilized by marketers to enhance a brand’s experience.  Corporate brands look to engage their audiences through emotion-driven marketing campaigns.  Product/Artist integration can reach, engage and inspire audiences through impactful experiences and everlasting memories.

Product/Artist integration can reach, engage and inspire audiences through impactful experiences.

…whether you are an aspiring artist ready to monetize your skills or you are a marketer in search of the perfect artist to enhance your brand’s experience, the JCHM ecosystem can provide the support and expertise to achieve your goals.

An essential component of the [VIRAL] Entertainment Marketing ecosystem is Themes & Anthems Publishing, the independent, multi-genre, publishing division. T&A Publishing oversees the licensing of musical works to industry music users such as digital streaming services, radio broadcast companies, television and cable companies, corporations, bars, clubs, restaurants and retail stores. Themes & Anthems Publishing also looks for innovative ways to expand an artist’s musical universe by searching for non-traditional revenue opportunities and career development.


Music has no boundaries. It does not recognize skin color or race, therefore it is multicultural in its essence.


  • Studio Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Artist Development & Management


  • Licensing
  • Royalties
  • Music Curating
  • Original Score/Jingle
  • Sonic Branding


  • Streaming Implementation
  • Digital Implementation
  • Radio/Digital Promotion
  • Radio Relations (Satellite/Earth/Internet Radio)

Marketing & Production

  • Strategic Experiential Marketing
  • Music Video Production
  • Multi-Camera Video Streaming
  • Video (production/streaming/branding)
  • Content Production
  • Brand Development & Implementation
  • Merchandising
  • Movie & Film production
  • Photography

Special Events Production:

  • Concert / Tour Development & Management
  • Themed Events/Festival Development & Management
  • Trade Shows (Industry/Consumer)
  • Corporate Events

Corporate Engagement

  • Product placement
  • Cross-Promotional (hybrid brand development)
  • Themed Events
  • Multi-media Corporate Development
  • Consumer/Industry Strategies